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Scandiv I is now completed and long term follow-up will soon be published. For further information click link above.

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SCANDIV II is and exploratory, prospective, longitudinal, non-interventional, multicentre study for the evaluation of treatment of patients with acute complicated diverticulitis. We have chosen the Hinchey Classification system (table 1) for description. The treatment of complicated diverticulitis is controversial. Whereas Scandinavian surgeons usually adhere to a watch and wait strategy after a conservatively treated episode of complicated diverticulitis, several international guidelines recommend an elective operation for the majority of these patients.

The aim of this study is to explore the current treatment strategies in patients with acute complicated diverticulitis according to the Hinchey classification in Swedish and Norwegian hospitals and to assess failure rates during a one-year period. Secondly to evaluate the course of the disease for patients with complicated diverticulitis managed without resection surgery. We will also study the quality of life for all patients with complicated diverticulitis.

Tabel 1. Hinchey classification for complicated perforated diverticulitis 

I: Pericolic abscess
II: Distant/pelvic abscess
III: Generalized purulent peritonitis
IV: Faecal peritonitis

Results of Scandiv I:
Primary results have been published in JAMA 
One-year results have been published in BJS 2
Fulltext article JAMA    Editorial JAMA 
Fulltext article BJS

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    JAMA 2015; 314: 1364-75.
  2. Schultz JK, Wallon C, Blecic L, Forsmo HM, Folkesson J, Buchwald P, et al. One-year results of the SCANDIV randomized clinical trial of laparoscopic lavage versus primary resection for acute perforated diverticulitis. 
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